Pure Noise takes the Carpool Tunnel

The band Carpool Tunnel outside a minibus in the desert

Pure Noise Records are at it again with yet another new signing. This time, the rapidly expanding label added Californian band Carpool Tunnel to their roster. Go on, say the name out loud – see what they did there?!

The band Carpool Tunnel outside a minibus in the desert

Within two weeks of meeting through musician matching app Vampr, Carpool Tunnel were in the studio recording their debut single with Grammy-nominated producer Billy Mohler.

Their latest single, Empty Faces, showcases a compelling retro doo wop sound combined with a more contemporary (well, mid 2000s at the very least!) post-grunge indie fuzz.

There’s a sense of reminiscence in the song’s concept too. Frontman Ben Koppenjan explained: “we all have people from our past [that] you don’t really talk to anymore but still have a strange connection to. You might follow them on social media or have photos of them. You know nothing about them now but still feel connected to them because you see them all the time.” 

The quartet’s debut album is due out in early 2021.