Less Than Jake roast NOFX’s Fat Mike in their new single!

Less Than Jake promo photo

Less Than Jake have a long history with L.A. punks NOFX, having toured together and been friends for years. It’s just as well that they have such a strong relationship because the ska-punk band from Gainesville have dedicated their latest single to NoFX’s bassist. Sounds like an honour, right? Well…Fat Mike’s on Drugs (Again) is a cheekily controversial ode to the scene stalwart.

Fat Mike is a great friend and we are all fans of NOFX. This song came together over a few jam sessions and we recorded it without too much overthinking. Hopefully, everyone finds the humour in this track and remember kids, don’t do drugs!”

Roger Lima, bassist

The video by Punchline‘s bassist Chris Fafalios features cameos from animated versions of celebrities known for partying too hard like Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, Charlie Sheen, and Elvis‘ skeleton.


With characteristic ska upstroke, integral sax and trombone, and shared lead vocals, the track is unmistakeably recognisable as Less Than Jake. So is the accompanying release for the collectors among their fanbase. Pre-orders are being taken for a new t-shirt design and a 7″ flexi disc (limited to 1000 copies).

LEss Than Jake Fat Mike's On Drugs Again promo graphic

Staying true to the immortal Less Than Jake lyrics “we try to keep our prices low for our records and our shows,” while you’re at the web store you can also pick up a CD copy of their 2020 album Silver Linings for just £5. That’s if you don’t get tempted by the coloured vinyl options, of course!

Having recently toured the UK, Less Than Jake are now gearing up for an epic U.S. tour with Bowling for Soup and special guests.

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