Olivia Lane is Feeling Like Christmas

“Christmas is my favourite time of year and this song truly reflects all of my over the top joyful feelings.”

Christmas is something of an unknown quantity this year with lockdowns an ever present possibility for the foreseeable future. Still, Olivia Lane is choosing to see the positives: “Amidst the hectic year 2020 has been, the feeling of Christmas is a light at the end of the tunnel for me.”

Lane poured those feels into a new song, Feeling Like Christmas. She and her co-writers did an excellent job as the song seems like a Christmas songbook classic, and Lane’s vocal is equally timeless. The video depicts glamorous and homely festive scenes, and has clearly chimed with country and Christmas fans alike with over 50,000 views in the first week of release.

Feeling Like Christmas is out now.

Photo Credit: Randy Shaffer