From meeting Noel Gallagher half the world away to signing to Creation 23: Sister Psychosis reveal all

Overlaid photo of the duo Sister Psychosis

Following the omnipresence of Oasis and the brothers’ solo efforts, many a teenager dreamed of meeting Noel Gallagher. Few made it happen the way that 18 year old Amanda May did. She posed as a caterer to blag her way backstage: “I got to meet him, hang in his dressing room and watch the gig from side stage so I was pretty happy. He was such a cool dude. So friendly and humble. When he introduced himself to me I found it so bizarre. Like of course I know who you are mate!”

When her job came to an end a few months later, she travelled from Toronto to Manchester on a whim: “I flew to the UK on my own and just sorta drifted around. No accommodation booked. Didn’t know anyone. Just on the hunt for adventure and I got it… I just did a bit of a ‘Madchester’ Brit pop tour that I found online and that flat [where Noel Gallagher once lived] was one of the stops people recommended. It was there I wrote Into Your Memory.”

She forgot about it until years later she met Brighton based producer Pepper who was looking for some lyrics to go with a striking instrumental piece. She sang Into Your Memory and they formed a duo, Sister Psychosis. The name may sound familiar; it was inspired by a lyric from Oasis’ Go Let It Out, written by Noel Gallagher.

Overlaid photo of the duo Sister Psychosis

To bring it all full circle, the pair were introduced by Alan McGee who had founded Creation, the album that Oasis signed to back in the day!

Into Your Memory is the duo’s first release on Alan McGee’s current Creation 23 label. If you buy the 7 inch single on blue vinyl, the B side is Beside Myself.