Album Review: The Rising – Moving On

While the title track from Irish band The Rising’s latest album has a vocal that will will instantly appeal to the country pop crowd, the pure pop treatment with rocky instrumentation marks it out as offering something different.

The lyrics recount the dawning realisation that a relationship had failed, but not being cut up about it.

Forgive and Not Forget mines similar themes: “we could have made it and now it’s just a wreckage on the shore/and I won’t miss you any more/because the love you gave me is gone.”therising_2018-56.jpg

What a relief – With You is love song after all that heartbreak! “With you, the darkness fades away/with you, my world comes alive.” Chantelle McAteer sounds particularly youthful in this optimistic song, though the belted final note suggests she’s studied the vocal stylings of 80s rock ballad singers.


Even The Stars Fall For You is a clever title for the next love song, this time punctuated with a touch of head voice. Back To Me has a shuffle beat expressing the expected joy of reuniting with a loved one.

Reasonable takes quite the musical turn. It starts out with an ’80s movie soundtrack synth then turns into a Robert Palmer style pop rock singalong, the kind that was probably last commonplace long before McAteer was even alive!


Just Another is a spiky brush off song with a catchy hook that wouldn’t seem out of place if cut by a modern pop superstar.

Rebound calms things down with an aching admission of going back to the comfort of an old love. An electric solo brings it home.

Take A Hint is a rock number with McAteer spitting venom over an upbeat piece with dance pop elements and a hard stop; another well produced, chart inspired sound.

Yellow House has a pacing beat to build the tension of a Bonnie & Clyde style story.

Love Is has some of the sweetest notes on the record even though love has left a bitter taste. Finally Found You seems like a companion piece where someone who’s been burned by love is learning to love again.

Roundabouts ends the record with the band’s trademark mix of modern pop and classic rock. This reflects their history as an established band who took on a new singer and incorporated a new sound.


It doesn’t sound perfectly produced, but it’s good to hear more natural vocals in the age of rampant Autotune. It will be interesting to see how McAteer’s voice develops over time, and how the band continues to combine classic rock influences with a contemporary chart sound.

Moving On by The Rising is out now. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click the image below to buy it. At the time of writing it’s under £12 on vinyl (!!), as well as being available on CD and digital download. Thank you!


Belfast’s The Rising are heading to London on September 12, 2019, to play a Belles and Galls gig at The Water Rats supported by Jeannine Barry, Hannah Paris and Roisin O’Hagan. Click here for tickets.

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