Avril Lavigne is back!

“…Avril Lavigne stepped back into the spotlight with a surprise announcement of the Head Above Water World Tour…”

Single Review: The Faim – Amelie

“The Faim are back and this time they’ve got an artistic monochrome live video for your viewing pleasure. Extreme close-ups and slow-mo mirror the pace of the chanting choral introduction and vocally led first verse. Still, clues to the imminent emo onslaught are there…”

EP Review: The Faim – Summer Is A Curse

“…a My Chemical Romance style arena anthem combined with Fall Out Boy falsetto vocals and liberal swearing. It’s like the stylistic history of emo in 3 minutes…”

Jimmy Eat World & Moses

“Emo has come and gone, alt-rock has changed, but UK support for Jimmy Eat World is clearly as strong as ever.”