Noble Jacks: 600,000 video views in 6 days + a fond farewell

“We’d like to thank everyone who has watched, danced and sung along to this song. It has left us absolutely gobsmacked”

Dreams can come true

The response to Noble Jacks‘ new single, Dreams Carry Me On, has exceeded the band’s wildest dreams. The video was viewed over 600,000 times in the first week!

We caught up with Noble Jacks for their take on this meteoric rise: “The response to our video has been incredibly exciting, and has totally blown us away! There’s been so much amazing positivity from all over the world, and it fills us with so much joy to interact with so many people in this way.

This song is all about following your passions, and not being ground down by the world around you – which I think has struck a chord with a lot of people, especially after the global situation in the last 2 years. We’d like to thank everyone who has watched, danced and sung along to this song. It has left us absolutely gobsmacked!”

The end of an era

The immense reaction to the video marked a fitting swansong to Matty’s time in the band. In the spirit of the song, he explained:

“I have been so lucky to share such incredible memories, with such a beautiful community, over the last half a decade and it feels like it had gone by in a flash. To have watched it grow from tiny Sussex pubs and village fetes, all the way to playing Brixton Academy and headlining tours, is without a doubt the proudest achievement of my life.

If you have been to our shows, you will know that we have been big advocates of positive action towards mental health. The reality is, that the rigours of touring, travelling, administrating and all the while trying to be creative has taken its toll, so I have taken this step to focus on my own mental wellbeing.

Whilst it is the end of my journey with the band, Noble Jacks will of course continue to charge full steam ahead, as we have always swore to be a collective, a family and an ever-evolving organism – so the show will go on! I believe so much in the exciting future of this band, and will be willing them on every step of the way to the levels of success they deserve! Heck, I’m sure you’ll probably even see me in the crowd at a gig!

I’m so honoured to have shared this journey with every single person I’ve ever met along the way and thank you for your support! Most of all I would also like to thank Will for all the love and support he has shown throughout our voyage. Through thick and thin, music has bonded us like brothers.”

Tour dates

As Matty said, the show will go on; the tour is going ahead with a full band. In November 2021, Noble Jacks will play Leicester, Earnley, Ripley, Chester, Melton Mowbray, Wroot and Tunbridge Wells.

The band has also been selected to showcase at the UK Americana Music Week 2022. The showcases will be held in Hackney on January 25 and January 26, 2022. For a taste of what’s to come, check out our review of the AMA-UK showcases in 2021.

Noble Jacks tour poster